Graduate Teaching Assistant 

University of Glasgow



  • Delivery of (online) labs and tutorials to undergraduate students at the University of Glasgow.

  • Dissemination of content from a range of topics in Geography/Earth Sciences including tectonics, paleontology, climate change, landscape change and volcanics.

  • Delivery of academic writing help sessions.

  • Organisation and provision of 1-1 academic support sessions.

  • Adaption of provided teaching materials to the online environment.

  • Acting as a key interaction for new students at the University and encouraging cohort building.

  • Marking essays for the purpose of subject-specific grading and assessment of academic writing ability.



Lab Demonstrator, Earth Science 1 (EARTH1001)

Lab Leader, Earth Science 1 (EARTH1001)

Physical Geography Tutor, Geography 2 (GEOG2001) 

Tutor, Widening Participation Geographical and Earth Sciences Summer School



Physical Geography Tutor, Geography 2 (GEOG2001) 

GTA, Learning Enhancement and Academic Development Service (LEADS)



  • Two years of online teaching (via Zoom)

  • One year of in-person teaching

  • Received excellent feedback from my students- 78% of my students "strongly agree" that I was helpful and good at explaining things​