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Staying Safe in Glasgow

Don’t believe all the stories your grandma told you about Glasgow in the 1960’s- Glasgow is a really safe city to live in nowadays. Since 2005, the work of Scotland’s Violence Reduction Unit has seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of violent crime in the city, and is now being used as a template by police in London. Glasgow is still a large city, however, so it’s always worth staying educated on personal safety. There’s lots of great advice available online (including the Suzy Lamplugh Trust) which PGRs can use to stay safe, but what information is useful about living in Glasgow specifically? The Team at PGR Towers ran a Personal Safety Workshop with Gary Stephen from the UofG Security Team back in December. Here are their practical suggestions for staying safe around Campus and City of Glasgow.

Download the Safezone App

The Safezone App is a great way to ensure that you feel safe and secure during your time at UofG. It works on the Gillmorehill, Dumfries and Garscube Campuses, as well as Halls. If you ever feel worried or unsafe on campus or in the city, you can contact Security through the app. If you need, they will come and find you and walk you to a place where you feel safer. The app is monitored 24 hours a day, so it offers you peace of mind that you will get a response if you ever need it. If you find yourself in an emergency situation and are not within range of the campus, the app will call 999 for you and alert the security team so they can get in touch to check if you are okay. The app also has functionality for first aid assistance or general enquiries (including if you get lost!), and for lone working.

Get to know your neighbours

Knowing your neighbours isn’t only useful when you need someone to take a parcel for you whilst you are out and about. It’s also a great way to keep your home safe. Local residents are better acquainted with the area and might be able to recommend safe routes home, especially in the dark. In addition, they can inform you if anyone suspicious or unfamiliar is seen hanging around your home. Many PGRs have found the NextDoor App a great way to stay in touch with their neighbours.

Be careful on match days

Like many cities across the world, Glasgow is known for its fierce football rivalry. It’s worth avoiding wearing football colours in pubs and on the subway, especially on Old Firm Derby days. If you don’t like busy places, avoid the subway before and after the game, otherwise the sub is a very safe and easy way to get between the Main Campus, City Centre and Southside.

Lock up your bike

Serious threats to your safety are less common, but bike theft is a big issue around the city and on campus. The security team recommend you get your bike marked (they offer this service regularly) and always properly lock your bike using a D-lock or similar. There’s a bike users Facebook group for the University if you are someone who cycles to campus, where they share useful tips. Try to leave your bike somewhere covered by security cameras, as this discourages bike thieves. You can find more advice on this Sustainability webpage.

Remember that main campus isn’t closed to the public

Most buildings on main campus are open during the day to allow students, PGRs and staff to access lecture theatres, offices and labs. However, this means that members of the public can also wander in, so don’t leave your belongings around unless they are in a secure space, especially portable electronics.

Get a taxi home

UofG is part of the Glasgow Safe Taxi Scheme, which allows all students to get home safely, even if they don’t have cash with them at the time. Just call Glasgow Taxis, quote “Get Home Safe” and “GU1” and sign over your Student ID to the driver. Always check the registration plate on the taxi matches the one given to you by the taxi company. You will need to wait for 24 hours, but then you can collect your card and pay for your taxi from the SRC Welcome Point.

And finally, if you have any problems, contact UofG Security

The UofG Security team are amazingly helpful and they will support you if you have any questions, worries, or if you become the victim of a crime. They can talk you through any legal process, and will even go to court with you if necessary. They are always present on campus if you need support, you can find them at the Gatehouse on the Gillmorehill Campus or contact them via the Safezone App or the details on this webpage.

Glasgow is not a dangerous city, and living here isn’t scary- in fact, it’s quite the opposite. As long as you take sensible precautions, avoid taking risks and take the advice given here, living in Glasgow is a safe, enjoyable experience.

Header Image from Unsplash

This blog post was originally published on the UofG PGR Blog. You can read the original here.

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